I didn't always like coffee

Trying to drink coffee the same as I took my tea, just didn't work out.

- 27 April 2017

As a kid, and like nearly all children, I didn't have a taste for hot drinks at all. Robinson's orange squash for me please. But as I grew up, I started drinking tea. With two sugars to to keep things nice and sweet. Over time I dropped the sugar and now drink what some might call 'builders tea'. Now when it comes to coffee, I initially hated it. I found it very bitter with a horrid lingering taste in the mouth. But I LOVED the smell, and wished I liked it the flavour. I mentioned this at a formal dinner once, and a friend asked how I was having my coffee. I responded with milk and no sugar; exactly the same as I had my tea. It was at this point they suggested I tried it black, without the milk, and somewhat counter-intuitivly I found this was far nicer, although still bitter so I had a couple of sugars. Turns out what I really didn't like was the warm milk. Tolerated in the tea, but ruining the coffee. Over time I've also dropped the sugar from my coffee, just like I did with the tea.

This all results in me drinking strong black coffee today. Sometimes a quick espresso, but more usually a long black and stronger the better. I've just started brewing pour over filter at home using the widely recognised Hario V60. (I've started out with the cheaper plastic version, but with a significant birthday coming up in the summer, I already have my eye on the very stylish copper version.) So whilst I can see myself trying different brewing methods, I doubt how I take my coffee will ever differ from just pure, black coffee.

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