Just Like Wine

Are we now talking about coffee, like people talk about wine?

- 31 January 2018

For those of us that like the odd glass of wine, we’d probably be able to tell people the types of wine we like. At the most basic whether it’s red or white, or even rosé. We could probably tell people we like an Argentinian Malbec, or maybe a Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand. It might be that we have favourite vineyards or regions. For many years coffee drinkers probably wouldn’t be able to say the same. The most we might tell someone is that we like a cappuccino over a latte. However, with the Third Wave of Coffee truly upon us, this is very much changing. Just like wine, coffee is produced from a fruit, although it’s the bean that’s used opposed to the natural juices, and just as with vineyards and grapes, the location coffee farm s and variety of fruit, can all have a significant influence on the flavour of the coffee we drink. As a consequence, coffee aficionados are now able to tell you they prefer roasts from Colombia, or a coffee made from the ‘Red Bourbon’ variety.

If you like that, try this…

Something I’ve wanted to do on gourmetcoffee.london since starting to put it together, was to have a feature where coffee drinkers could rate the roasts they drank, and with some magic calculations, then show them other coffee’s they might also like. I’m not quite at the point just yet, but I am now building a database of coffee roasts. I have 38 listed at the time of writing, so some way to go, but I am excited to see how this develops, and intrigued to see if it can truly become a useful resource to coffee fans. Please do feel free to add coffee roasts yourself, (you’ll have to register on the site with an email or via Facebook to stop spam, but it’s quick enough), as it’s clearly going to take me some time to move from 38 to 100+

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