Searching for Coffee

We all love a coffee in the morning, and according to Google data, that's what we're searching for as soon as we wake up.

- 29 April 2017

We all now that mornings and coffee are a well married couple. Most people needing that caffeine boost to get their mind and bodies moving. Well looking at some data in Google Trends, it certainly does look like searching for coffee is a regular morning routine. If you look at the chart below, you will see that on pretty much every day the number of queries on Google peaks at 8am. Maybe we can't take opening up the company email without our caffeine hit first.

UK, 19th-26th April 2017

However, it does make you wonder why there is such a strong trend. I would have though most people have a coffee routine already pegged down, either brewing a cup at home, dropping in to their regular haunt before the office, or utilising the office supplies. Something that might be impacting the numbers here is just how often coffee seems to be in the news at the moment. Over the last couple of weeks we've had stories about clear coffee, The London Coffee Festival, and news that Costa Coffee was seeing ok performance despite the rise of independent speciality coffee shops. So maybe this daily morning peak is just people checking the news. We'll never know for sure the exact reason, but it does only help cement the idea we love coffee in the morning.

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