Morty and Bob's

Updated - 23 November 2018

Morty and Bob's in London Fields

Relatively hidden second floor cafe with outside terrace located in Netil House in the heart of London Fields.

UPDATE - Morty & Bobs has now closed. A sign on the door says they will re-open nearby early in 2019.

I had heard that there was a bar secluded inside Netil House but I didn't realise that there was also a cafe.  Turns out it's the exact same place.  Morty & Bob's is the coffee shop and closes at 5pm, from which point NT's takes over the space and the place becomes a bar.  This does explain the two different bars in the same room.  Inside the space is really open and relaxing.  

Laptop Free Tables

There's a mix of different tables from high stools, to low leather chairs to large dinning style tables.  Worth noting that some of the tables are specifically not for laptops.  Being of a good size, it's easy for Morty & Bob's to have this rule in place as there's plenty of other tables and chairs to sit with a laptop if that's what you desire.


Plant Life

Something that immediately strikes you is the amount of plants in the place, and with some large windows it does give the feeling of being in a glass house. Nothing wrong with that.

Sun Terrace

There's also a terrace attached to the venue which they describe as being sun drenched, but it was more simply drenched on my visit, although it does have awnings over the tables to keep the desperate smokers dry.  It also looks right over the Overground trainline, so if you like to spot trains, this is your Valhala.

Overall I found this a really relaxing spot with lots of space.  The long blacks were very short otherwise I could have stayed here for some time.

- Price of a Long Black - £2.40

- Allpress

- Netil House, 1 Westgate St. London Fields.

- 020 3095 9420


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Went to drop in a few weeks ago, and a sign on the door stated they've closed. Good news is they said they are re-opening near by.

Simon Cooper 180 XP - 10 January 2019

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