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These are just some of my thoughts and comments regards coffee in general whether it's about a particular coffee shop, a specific experience, or perhpas a favourite roast.


Have Blue Bottle Sold Out

The famous Californian coffee shop has sold a majority share to Nestlé.


How to Grind Coffee

When you brew coffee at home, you will quickly come to realise that you need different grinds for different brew methods.


Searching for Coffee

We all love a coffee in the morning, and according to Google data, that's what we're searching for as soon as we wake up.

Coffee roaster thumb250

New Roasters Section

I've just added a Roasters section to the site.


Kenya Drinks Coffee

Only recently have people started to drink coffee in Kenya.

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I didn't always like coffee

Trying to drink coffee the same as I took my tea, just didn't work out.

Coffee bun


The Swedish pastime of having coffee with a good chat. Maybe even with a cinnamon bun.


London Coffee Festival 2017

Latte art, tast testing and home barista workshops are just some of the things to see at this years festival.

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