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A curated guide to some of the best coffee shops in London.

Coffee Shops in London

You love coffee. And so do I, that's why I've set up Gourmet Coffee London to help you discover the very best speciality coffee shops that London has to offer. As the city is so vast, I've broken it down into main areas, so far East and Central.

This is not an exhuastive list of every coffee shop in London, rather a smaller number of independant coffee shops I've personally enjoyed. I'm always on the look out for somewhere new so I'd love to hear from you if you've found a cafe that I've not listed, so please send me your suggestions.

Recently Added Coffee Shops

These are the most recent coffee shops that I've added to the site.

Gitane thumb


- Great Persian food and Ozone coffee in the heart of central London
- Fitzrovia
- 0

Added on - 18 March 2018

Mile27 thumb

Mile 27

- Coffee shop and running clubhouse
- Fitzrovia
- 1

Added on - 23 November 2017

Caravanexmouth thumb

Caravan - Exmouth Market

- Fashionable restaurant with excellent coffee from their own roastery.
- Exmouth Market
- 0

Added on - 12 June 2017

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