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This site is run and maintained by myself, Simon Cooper. I started putting it together as I've not long moved to a new area of London and have enjoyed finding all my local coffee shops. Turns out there's 10 just on the main high street alone. There's a different focus on service and quality across those 10, and so I've found myself only visiting a few of them and as a consequence, I've launched www.gourmetcoffee.london to share my curated list of what I personally consider to be the best coffee shops in London.

I hope you enjoy the site content, but I would love to hear from you if you have any feedback or suggestions.

I do make some modest amount of money from the adverts served on the site, and this just helps me cover the costs of web hosting etc. I do also use Google Analytics to track the number of visitors I get to the site, and you can read my Cookie Policy if you want to know more.

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