About Gourmet Coffee

Helping you discover better coffee

We've built Gourmet Coffee with the mission of heliping individuals find better coffee. We hope that we'll have one of the biggest collection of coffee beans on the internet and by allowing you to 'log' the coffee you drink, we hope we can make suggestions to further coffee's you might like.
Caffeine Points

To reward users for interactions with the site, we've introduced a fun points based system called 'Caffeine Points'. At the moment these points offer little else apart from bragging rights, but in the future, that might well change.

When you're Logged in, you'll see you points next to your name, and also on your profile page.

More Details for Coffee

For some time, we've wanted to add more in depth information to the individual coffee roasts. When viewing an individual coffee, you will now be able see details such as the variatals, flavours and process.

Add Coffee to Favourites

You've been able to log a coffee shop as a favourite for some time now, but we're planning on adding this same capability to coffee roasts.

Adding Coffee

With an ever growing collection of great coffee, it will be an impossible task for us to add each individual one to the site. We think a more effective and fun approach, will be to grant you, our wonderful users, the ability to add your favourite coffee as and when you find it. We have a couple of boring technical things to sort out first, but this is very much on our radar for Q1 2019.

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