Central London Coffee Shops

Haivng worked in central London for many years, most of the coffee shops listed here were at one stage or another my 'locals'. Department of Coffee and Social affairs in Soho for instance was almost a daily visit for their great Kaldi's coffee, (and possibly an odd slice of Guinness Cake). Reynolds on Charlotte Street was also a regular haunt at one point with me buying Union Roast americano's with some frequency.

Coffee Shop Description


- Offers flatbreads alongside their flat whites. Great downstairs area too.
- Soho

Attendant - Fitzrovia

- Well known and unique converted underground toilet in the heart of Fitzrovia.
- Fitzrovia

Kaffeine Eastcastle St

- Antipodean coffeeshop specialising in espresso blends.
- Fitzrovia

Caravan - Exmouth Market

- Fashionable restaurant with excellent coffee from their own roastery.
- Exmouth Market


- Great Persian food and Ozone coffee in the heart of central London
- Fitzrovia

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